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City of adventure. Ruled by the Sea Lord and the Captains' Council it is a freehaven smack in the middle of the Shining Sea. It is situated on the south coast of the largest Island of the Serpents Teeth; A'Val.


The history of Freeport is more extensive and complex than this, off course. But this is what is known at the moment.

Ca. 550 DR:First pirates land on the Southern shore of A'Val. Finding its sheltered natural harbor a good place to rest, get fresh water and refit their ships.\

Ca. 575 DR:Permanent settlement by pirates on A'Val. Freeport is born.

1169 DR: Captain Drac and Captain Francisco lead the combined fleet of Freeport on a coast rampage that has become known as the Great Raid. Both declare themselves Sea Lord.

1179 DR:Captain Drac betrays Captain Francisco and becomes sole Sea Lord. He installs the Captain's Council to handle the day to day business of the growing town.

1207 DR: Drac dies and Captain Cromey becomes Sea Lord, initiating a century of prosperity.

1358 DR: Milton Drac becomes Sea Lord.

1359 DR: Milton Drac starts construction of his Lighthouse on the island of T'wik.

1369 DR: The Lighthouse nears completion. Also the time in which the events of Death in Freeport, Terror in Freeport and Madness in Freeport take place.


The Sea Lord is formally the leader of Freeport. He is not powerful enough however to rule alone. So in practice the Captains' Council is the governing body. At the moment the Counsil consists of:


If you look close enough you can find places of worship to almost any of the known Gods of the Faerunian panthion. There are a few who are worshiped more exensively:


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