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Hide: Rules Clarification

Not realy a houserule but the rules around the use of the Hide skill need clarification. Complete Adventurer has some but still.

When to role the die

  • When the DM tells you to. Seriously, it's pointless to just keep making the check when nothing is trying to spot you. And I'm going to ask you when:
    • Someone of importance may be able to spot you.
    • Something changes, like you incure a penalty by something you do or a significant time has passed. Like 10 minutes or do.

How to hide:

  • You need either concealement or cover to start hiding.
  • Shadowy illumination provide shadows which in turn provide concealement.
  • Total concealement and total cover make a Hide check pointless. So does total darkness.
  • Darkvision defeats the concealement provided by shadows. One cannot hide in shadows form a creature with darkvision.
  • Other sences like Scent, Tremmorsence etc. can invalidate various forms of cover or concealement as well.
  • Darkstalker and the like trump senses like Darkvision et. al.

While hiding:

  • You move at half speed
  • You can move at full speed with a -5 penalty
  • You can run, attack, whatever at -20 penalty
  • You can cross 1 ft. per skillrank or half your total skillmodifier in ft. of open terrain. Whichever is higher. You take a -5 penalty for every 5 ft. crossed.
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