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Lost Mine of Phandelver Campaign Notes

These are the cliff notes of my players romps through the adventure Lost Mine of Phandelver. We used the PHB wehen we got it but used the pregenerated characters including their proposed level progress.

Player Characters

Part I: Goblin Arrows

The PCs are in the employ of one Gundrun Rockseeker. They are escorting Gundrun's wagon to Phandalin while Gundrun himself, along with his bodyguard Sildar Hallwinter have gone ahead. All is well, until they spot two dead horses lying on the road some 50 yards in front of them. The place reeks of an ambush and they approach carefully. But to no avail.

Four Goblins spring from hiding and attack. Two charge and two snipe arrows from hiding. The Goblins are sdpatched, albeit with some difficulty.

DM Note: level 1 PCs are quite squishy. Ozzy ended up on 0 hp, which would not be the last time. The whole dying saving throws are heavyly stacked in the favor of the PCs though.

The PCs search the place of the ambush and find a lot of clues. The horses belonged to Gundrun and Sildar. The Goblins have left a trail, to their lair presumably, and have dragged some bodies that way. The Clan signs indicate that the Goblins are related to the Cragmaw Castle tribe.

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